• Three Ways To Build Your Own Art Table

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    October 4, 2021 /  Art

    Every artist or writer at any age needs to create a workspace with storage for their particular art supplies. If budget doesnt allow you to purchase any number of styles of art tables, or you are creative enough to want to build your own, here are a few different instructions for an almost free and ecologically responsible (using recycled or used materials) art table.

    Your first must make the decision on the size. How big do you want it? How much weight is it going to hold? Will it be holding a computer or art canvases and supplies? Most likely, you will need adequate built-in storage space for supplies, reference books, notebooks, etc.

    Here are a few bare bones instructions for several styles of art tables:

    The Corner Desk – This is a good style for a computer-user. It has the most surface space and storage, and clearly, fits into a corner. Materials needed:
    Two core doors.
    Three two-drawer filing cabinets.
    Glue that works on wood and metal.
    Two inch board that is the length of the filing cabinets.

    First, set one filing cabinet into a corner. Then set the other two on both sides of the first one, against opposite walls. Take one core door and glue it to the top of the corner file cabinet and the file cabinet to your left. Line the table edge up against the wall. Then, glue your 2″ board to the top of the cabinet on the right. Then glue the second core door to the surface of the corner cabinet and the cabinet to the right.

    The Crate Desk – This is the simplest table to build, yet it has good storage. Materials needed:
    Four milk crates or Yaffa blocks.
    One core door or board that is 6 long.
    Glue (proper kind).

    Simply stack one milk crate on another, creating two stacks. Be sure the two stacks are far enough apart to support the board. Place the board on top, up against the wall and even with the edges of the milk crates. If you have the proper glue, glue the board down.

    Cheap and Quick Art Table – This is the cheapest and fastest table to construct. Materials needed:
    Eight cinder blocks.
    One core door (or board).
    Glue (proper).

    Stack the cinder boards, lengthwise with the open holes facing out. Stack four blocks on each side, placing stacks far enough apart to support the core door. Place the board or core door on top. If you have the proper glue, glue the board down.

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